Monday, September 29, 2008

Born Of PIDA - Penang Indian Development Agency

Penang Indian Development Agency - PIDA, inspired by Penang's Deputy Chief Minister Professor Dr.P.Ramasamy. PIDA will be force behind Indians development in Penang. PIDA will be state affliated agency, which will be play role of mediatator between Penang State govt,Govt bodies,Financial Institutes and other related agencies.

PIDA's aim is to upgrade the Indians in 3 main factors,namely Economically,Politically,and Socially. When a community is strong in Economy,by nature it will also be strong in the other 2 factors. And the efforts to upgrade the Indian economy should be started from the base,its not appropriate to come up with mega-sized ideas and projects which left uneffected.The best example for mega-sized day dream is MAICA Holdings.

So,for start PIDA will look into Penang Indians economic struggle from it base. PIDA is currently actively organizing forums statewide. The forum series kicked off in Professor's own constituency Batu Kawan;was attended by few Indian youths from nearby areas. Though the crowd was less,but the spirit was high. We saw some of the young entrepreneurs who is willing to fight hardly to success. The forums will be spreadheaded to other areas as well.the next stop will be Prai. Followed by other Parliament constituencies.

PIDA will be totally different from other youth organisations or agencies,which failed upgrade the Indian community in the country. There won't be political interference in PIDA. PIDA will move freely without relying to any political party.PIDA's policy will be free from political influences. Malaysian Indians learnt their lesson from mega-economic-project such as MAICA Holdings. PIDA wont involve itself in any business related activities, but will create ways and channels to Penang Indians to explore businesses. PIDA will also be mediatator between Goverment Agencies and the Indians who interested in specific business.The example is like,we'll be middle person between Agricultural Dept and the youths who wished to explore Agri-Cultural sector.

PIDA membership is open to all Indians who resides in Penang.
Indian Youth Organizations,Cultural Organizations, and Sports Club are welcomed to affliate themselves into PIDA. We'll create Better Penang Indian Community.

* PIDA was totally inspired by Professor himself, and he preferred non-political approach to upgrade the Indians in the state. With his capability as DCM of Penang, he'll help as much as he can to PIDA. Professor clearly said that there wont & shouldn't be political appointment or interference in PIDA.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Professor Ramasamy....speaking not only for Batu Kawan,for Malaysia.

These are the clips from Malaysian Parliament. Prof In Action.......

YB.Professor Dr.P.Ramasamy,MP for Batu Kawan,debating Geology Bill......

YB.Professor Dr.P.Ramasamy,MP for Batu Kawan raising question about FELDA's relevance....