Monday, July 21, 2008

JKKK Appointment in Penang

The Prai JKKK : Mr.Sampu,Mr.Nathan,Mr.Dass

Mr.Dass JKKK Chairman for Perai recieving his appointment letter from CM

Mr.Sampunathan JKKK Chairman for Kg.Teluk,Kg.Stul,Kg.Jawa recievng his appointment letter from CM.

The Appointment of JKKK Chairmen for Penang by YAB Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

The first ever appointmets of non-malay as JKKK Chairmen showed Penang Pakatan Govt Penang For All Policy.

Hope this JKKK Chairman will do their duty

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welfare event at Teluk Indah.

Date : 20-06-2008
Place : Teluk Indah-2,Community Hall

Event :
Professor Ramasamy has launched welfare programme jointly organized by Agensi Khidmat Muhibbah and Prai Service Team.

The event is supported by Welfare Department's Mobile Unit.

Co-operate or just Lay Off....

Though,BN had almost whiped out of Penang(except UMNO),but we still have problems with some of the longstanding BN loyalists.

Its not wrong to support your party,but dont sabotage our efforts to help people!!
You guys were in power for past 50 years,but still failed to fulfill people's needs.That is the main reason people rejected your party.Nothing personal!!

But,some of this BN loyalist seems to be enjoying sabotage our efforts to serve people and they're also seems like enjoying demonise our members!!
When it comes to people's need,everyone should join hand.It's not a matter that we can politicise.
So,co-operate with us to serve people better,or just lay-off;don't disturb us!!

What our primary objective for now is serve people,colour blindly!
Regardless of Race,Religion,or Political affliations.
Hope this BN fellows will understand this,and fight us fairly in next GE.
Till then stop sabotaging us and stop demonise our efforts!!
You have given a chance to perform,you unable to perform,now people gave us chance to prove ourselves,so Lay Off and let us to do our work!!

This blog is started to answer all the baseless allegation that they threw against us and to display our achievement.

Hope to get constructive comments from all.

Thank You.