Friday, August 22, 2008

Support for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

New Dawn For Malaysia
Anwar Ibrahim ; Leader for All
We are in Prai Service Team fully supporting by-election campaigns in P44,Permatang Pauh.
YB.Professor.Dr.P.Ramasamy pledged his full support to DSAI to win the by-election.Professor also did took part in the ceramahs through out the constituency in these 10 days.The video and pictures of Professor campaign for DSAI will be added shortly.

Vote Anwar for Malaysia Free of UMNO
Professor's upcoming campaign events in P44,Permatang Pauh :-
22nd August 2008, 8 pm ,Seberang Jaya Mariamman Temple.
24th August 2008, 6pm - 11.59pm , Padang Awam Sembilang , Seberang Jaya.
Hope to swing Indians in P44 towards Pakatan Rakyat to achieve our aim of Malaysia for Malaysian concept.
Hidup,Hidup......Hidup Rakyat!!
Hancur,Hancur.....Hancur BN!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Will Indians remain just sweepers and guards?

Selected writings of YB.Professor Dr.P.Ramasamy

This article was wrote few years back;before the Malaysian Indians Uprising,HINDRAF Rally and March 8th Political Tsunami.

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Of late, a series of incidents in the country have revealed the vulnerability of the Indian community. Today it hasbecome a common practice to talk of Indians as a minority, weak in terms of their political and economic status, a community afflicted with all kinds of problems, a community prone to engage in most violent forms of conduct and others.

If there is an incident, there is tendency on the part of the Indian middle-class and other ethnic groups to put the blame on Indians in general. For instance, in the Petaling Jaya Selatan episode, an impression was given the racial strife were caused by some irresponsible Indian gang members. In brief, there is growing tendency to view Indians as a problematiccommunity in the country afflicted with all kinds of political, economic and social ills. A community waiting to be rescued from the clutches of evil by political parties, the government and other welfare-orientated organisations.
Of course, there is growing amnesia on the part of many to disregard the immense contribution of this particular community in making Malaysia what it is. Brought from India as semi-slaves in the beginning of the last century, they cleared the forest, hills and other physical impediments so that modern infrastructure could be built.
Plantations would not have been the mainstay of the Malaysian economy until the 1960s and 1970s had it not been for thecontribution - sweat and blood - of Indian labourers. Thousands perished in building this country to what it is today. After more than hundred years of their existence, Indians remain poor, neglected, patronised and marginalised in a country that was build by them and others.
More than this, they have been subjected to worst forms of discrimination, shunned and pushed to the edge of the mainstreamsociety. Paradoxically, they are considered a burden to the nation.
Impossible dream
Given the viciousness of racial politics perpetrated by the present ruling regime, Indians by themselves stand no chance to compete and struggle to better themselves. Lacking the historical experience of capital accumulation like the Chinese and unable to obtain governmental assistance like Malays, Indians are basically afloat in a quagmire without the benefit of an alternative leadership.
A leadership that will provide the community with a new political vision, a vision that will take them from the present doldrums so that one day they could emerge proud and dignified. The racial game of Malay hegemony has caused irreparable damage to the human existence of Indians, particularly those who belong to the working class category.
Racial ideology and the everyday practices of racism have virtually made it impossible for Indians to lead decent lives in the country. Denial of decent jobs, licenses, contracts and others have prevented Indians from emerging as a dynamic group. Today, working class Indians can only aspire to become coolies in the private sector, drivers for the rich, security guards, office boys, errand boys, sweepers and others.

Upward mobility in the Malaysian racist society is an impossible dream for thousands and thousands of Indians in the working class categories both in plantations and in urban areas.
No human being would want to put up with injustice and discrimination for long. Indians are no exception, there is a definitelimit to where they can be pushed and bullied. They want no special preference, but existence free from injustice, discrimination and cruelty.
Indians have no hostility towards other races, but would want the latter to respect their nationality rights and vice versa. However, they would not want to put up with present situation of extreme racism for too long. Too much time has been wasted in depending on certain political parties within the government for their salvation.

Inalienable rights
There is growing realisation that an independent political course has to be charted for their future in this country. In the near foreseeable future, Indians will have no choice but to fight for their rights and for their rightful place in the Malaysian society. Whether there are political parties in the opposition that will provide Indians with this new vision, leadership and sense of purpose is difficult to gauge at the moment. If the opposition is genuinely interested in taking up the cause of Indians, then a serious attempt should be made to address their nationality rights.
What is particularly significant today is for the emergence of an alternative leadership for Indians, a leadership that will have to be led by Indians with vision to resurrect the status of the community.

A leadership that will take up the struggle of Indians so that they would emerge as a significant national group in the country fullyendowed with their inalienable rights as citizens, free from discrimination, enjoying full rights like other citizens, right to theirmother-tongue education, full access to jobs, education and others.

In short, an alternative organisation for Indians should start by championing the nationality rights which among other things will seek to dismantle the sources of present racism and injustice in the country.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meet the people session - Taman Mas,Taman Prai

"We'll conduct such sessions regularly"said Prof.Rama

"Police will take part in such sessions",said Tuan Suhaimi

"Its good start from a good change"senior citizen referred 12th GE

Mr.Goh,on behalf of residents of Tmn Mas & Tmn Prai submitted a memorandum

Place : Taman Mas
Date : 3rd August 2008
Time : 9 am - 12.00 pm
Prof.Ramasamy's service team has started meet the people session around Prai (N16) constituency.This session will give space for voters around Prai voice out their problems to Yang Berhormat Prof.Dr.P.Ramasamy himself.

The session dubbed as "Pemimpin bersama Rakyat" in Bahasa Malaysia,kicked off in Taman Mas,Taman Prai area on 3rd August 2008(Sunday),where Prof.Ramasamy present to the session and listen to the people's grouses.

Besides Prof,also present were Tuan Suhaimi,from Police dept on behalf of SPT OCPD,Municipal Councillors Mr.Ramiah,Mr.Ramachandran,and Mr.Soon,Heads of village security and development committees(JKKK) Mr.Amal Dass and Mr.Nathan and other Prai Service Team Members.

During his speech Professor said,such sessions will be held regularly,so that people can voice out their grouses to related authorities.And promised Pakatan Govt of Penang will meet and serve the rakyat all the time,not only during election period.

Tuan Suhaimi on his behalf thanked the residents of Taman Mas and Taman Prai for their effort to fight the criminal activities in this area.And welcomed such sessions to be held regularly with Police Dept,and promised Police Dept's co-operation in future.

During the session,
A senior citizen said he was very happy to see Prof in this area,and hope that such session will BE conducted regularly in this area.
Another senior citizen also called on to conduct such sessions frequently,and regarded the session as good space for the residents of Taman Mas and Taman Prai.

Generally,residents of both area was very happy,and regarded Prai Service Team effort to conduct such session as formerly there was none session like this was held.They also said,this is a good change from the last General Election.

Later,residents of Taman Mas and Taman Prai submitted a memorandum to YB.Professor Dr. P.Ramasamy.

The next "Meet the people Session" will be held in Taman Senangin,on 17th August 2008,where Prof will meet people from Tmn Senangin and Kg.Main.Road.

We are multi-racial coalition and we work for all races - Prof.Ramasamy

Via Malaysiakini,

Penang deputy chief minister P Ramasamy has rebutted claims that the Pakatan Rakyat state
government has been indifferent to the plight of the Indian community.

He emphasised that while it is unfair to expect drastic improvements to the lot of ethnic Indians less than five months after the March 8 election, Penang itself has seen several notable achievements to prove its detractors wrong.

Within his own parliamentary constituency of Batu Kawan, Ramasamy said Indians were appointed to head five village security and development committees (JKKK).“This had never happened under the Barisan Nasional in Penang. In the last (Gerakan-led) state government, only one Indian had been appointed to head a JKKK,” he said when contacted.

The DAP-led Penang government has also ensured Indian representation in the state executive council as well as city and municipal councils, said Ramasamy, who is also Perai state assembly representative.

He also cited the awarding of land to two Tamil schools, two Hindu temples and groups of goat and cattle breeders.A state-level committee was also set up to look into the plight of Tamil schools, while youth groups have been established to alleviate the problems faced by the Indian poor, he added.

The former academician-turned DAP politician was responding to criticisms against the Pakatan state governments this week from Indian-based groups, who alleged the DAP-PAS-PKR coalition had failed to fulfill promises made in the March election campaign.“Pakatan Rakyat ruling parties, be it DAP in Penang, PAS in Kedah and Perak and PKR in Selangor, seemed to have made empty electoral promises to the Indians," said Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) national coordinator TS Thanenthiran.

Small disgruntled group
They also described Ramasamy’s appointment as Penang deputy chief minister as having been more “a curse than a blessing” to the community.In a scathing retort, Ramasamy claimed the bitterness of this “small disgruntled group” was due to the failure to secure their own appointment as local councillors and members of a certain state religious body. “We can accept criticisms, but not mere attempts to discredit the Pakatan governments. Why don’t they come and meet the state government representatives to raise these issues?” he asked.Ramasamy also criticised them for insisting on setting up state Indian councils aimed at planning and implementing beneficial programmes for the Indian community.Unlike Barisan Nasional, Pakatan Rakyat is not merely a coalition of parties that represent exclusively the various ethnic communities, said Ramasamy.

“I’m helping the Chinese and Malay communities as well. I’ve given financial aid for suraus and Chinese temples. If they want state Indian councils, then should we also set up state Malay councils? What about state Chinese councils? What about state councils for Orang Asli? “This is not the Pakatan formula. We are a multi-racial coalition and we work for all races,” he stressed.